From our professional experience in the world of design and especially in interior design and decoration, we propose to share with you real projects, such as this comprehensive reform, and give you practical tips so that you can apply them in your homes.

We started our story in a beautiful Gothic street in Barcelona. In this street there is a cozy building practically abandoned that they proposed us to make an integral reform and turn it into apartments for tourists.

To begin I will show you some of the images that were taken from the space before beginning the work.

Those who know the old town will know that one of the biggest drawbacks of these small buildings are the square meters. And this case was not going to be an exception. Although the space had many possibilities it was difficult to design a complete house in less than 30 square meters. Even so, I think it was achieved with a magnificent result.

The building was formed by 5 floors very similar between them. A small and narrow staircase gave access to the different homes. Here I leave some of the proposals for comprehensive reform that were made to find the final distribution.


And which of you would you choose? To us and after discussing the different options with the client, the idea that most convinced us was number 2, since being a very small space, we chose to make the plant as diaphanous as possible. Although they are apartments for tourists and the idea is that the stay is shorter than in a normal residence. A piece of furniture was created that would be both bed and storage. I leave the proposals of each of the floors. As you will see all the plants follow the same idea of open space.

Now that the work is underway, several decoration options for the floors have been presented to the client. The idea is to make a low cost decoration with furniture that we can vary to adapt and renew spaces.

And after several and intense months porfin the final result after the integral reform. I leave the images of the different floors. Notice that the sensation of spaciousness brings the microcement to the ground !! Later I will talk about this interesting material.

And well … What do you think of the final result? To me, what I like the most is the contrast and aesthetics given by the combination of such modern and innovative materials as microcement with wooden beams. Do not you think an exquisite balance between modernity and tradition?