When we think about reforming or generating a change to our bathroom, we always seek to expand and gain space, all to improve comfort, aesthetics and also to achieve a more pleasant environment. This stay is very important in our home because it is one of the few places where we can be in private to release all kinds of stress, hence we must not overlook all its decoration and style.

When it comes to a small bathroom we must take into account not to recharge the space but rather the opposite. Here we must select only the essential to take advantage of each square centimeter. In this way, you will be able to find the results you want so much when you decorate it and set it to your liking and without going out of bounds. So if you are looking for the best advice, for lack of one, here are 5 recommendations so that the reform of a bathroom does not go in the attempt.

– The colors of the walls play a very important role, get the most out of it !: if what we are looking for is a bit of amplitude we suggest you use light and relaxing tones, which are responsible for providing luminosity and spaciousness to the space. In addition, they help to reflect more light, promote cleanliness and generate more pleasant spaces. In this case, the white, a light green, medium blue or turquoise.

Paredes blancas en baño pequeño

– Change the bathtub for a shower: today they are more practical and take up less space. In addition to providing comfort, comfort and visual breadth to the space, you can get them in different models and designs, at the same time they are easy to adapt to any style. The bathtubs are already in the background and instead we have seen customers who invest in a shower of better quality and better finish at all other essential objects.

– The mirrors should not miss either: the mirrors are an ideal complement in any bathroom. We can find them in different models and sizes. Another point to highlight and perhaps the most important is that it generates a sense of spaciousness and gives a special touch to the ornamentation.

Baño pequeño con espejo

– The lighting, nothing like good light: a central lamp according to the design can be enough, although with the LED lights behind the mirror or in the corners, it does not look bad and they bring light and good style, all in the same material.

Luces LED en baño pequeño

– The tiles, another interesting option: when reforming your walls and floors you have a great variety of materials, so you only have to select the color that best suits what you are looking for. In some cases you can choose ceramic or porcelain tiles since they are the most used and have great resistance to water. You can also use natural stone tiles to highlight the rustic style and tiles for both the floor and the details on the walls.

Azulejos en baños pequeños